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    Have you ever wondered if there will ever be something you can use to light up your cigarette even when the wind is against your intention? Well, your problem is finally solved because Flamelez is now available in the market. From the name itself, it is flame-less. Therefore, you need not worry if there is strong wind or rain pouring. You can be sure that piece of cigarette or even a wick or candle will be lit. It is really amazing, how they managed to design.such object. to work without needing gas or the type. It works similar to a tesla wherein electricity floats at the top. Difference is that this is designed shaped as lighters are and as light as well. https://flamelez.com has some nice tips on this.


    The electricity that comes out of it is also harmless as this will not hurt much unless u ou really place your finger in between the arc and light it up. There is really no serious negative side of this product. If there is, it is simply tiny and can be ignored. The price they say is higher but it is very reasonable. Disposable lighters or even those famous brands last only for a couple of uses but this can last for as long as the battery allows you to.


    It is even economical as you do not have to do refills at all times. These are chargeable and you can use it again for a hundred to three hundred times once charged. It is absolutely a very good innovation as these can also be a part of your survival kit since it can combat rain or strong wind. If you are planning to buy a lighter, this is your best choice regardless of the price. You will love having this piece of equipment with you all the time.

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    There are other accessories available such as a lighter pouch to carry your lighter in. This makes finding your lighter a lot easier; no more digging through your pockets or shuffling through the contents of a purse to find your lighter. flameless lighters have been counted on for many years now. They are a great buy for anyone who uses a lighter on a regular basis, and for people who only use one periodically.

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